I Want My Country Back

I Want My Country Back

From time to time I find interesting fabric at estate sales. Probably ten to twelve years ago I found a small piece with flags and an eagle on it. I wanted to make something I could wear on July 4th or Memorial Day.

At that time, I was becoming increasingly unhappy with all the common everyday products that were suddenly bad to use like light bulbs and fireplaces. The newspaper ran articles saying that regular light bulbs could no longer be manufactured after a certain date. And no one was saying something better would come along. I remember the management at my mother’s senior apartments went room to room and replaced her regular light bulbs in all her lamps with those ugly curly fluorescent ones.

I still think carbon footprints are the most ridiculous thing I ever heard of. I recall waiting in line at an airport in Australia hearing one woman in our tour tell another that she had purchased footprints so she could come on this trip without feeling guilty.

I had an old rayon brocade vest from a thrift store which I decorated with the flag and eagle fabric. I made transfers of magazine photos unto fabric and sewed these transfers to the vest. Labels on the transfers read: Heirloom Fruits & Vegetables, Clean Water, All the News, Freedom of Choice in Healthcare, Freedom of choice in the market, Time to Enjoy Life, and I Want My Country Back.

I Want My Country Back – vest front

Seems like we haven’t made

I Want My Country Back – vest back

much progress on most of those issues yet. But they did invent better light bulbs

I’m one of the many who look for ways to express their political views without shouting or shooting.

Happy July 4th !        Be Safe !


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