Lightening Whelk

Lightening Whelk

Lightening Whelk

I went to college as an adult starting in 1984 at the community college in Livermore, California. I took several art classes toward my minor, to balance out the math and history requirements.

The assignment I enjoyed the most in the 2D – 3D Design class was to take one object and show it from many different angles using line and shading techniques.

Since I was skilled and comfortable using pen and ink, I chose that medium and a favorite shell as my object. I used a whole shell and two broken ones of the same species. This provided me with lots of angles, nooks and crannies.

The Lightening whelk, Busycon contraruim, is found in the sand near the low-tide line from North Carolina to Florida, and Texas. I’d picked these up on trips to Florida in the 1970’s. This shell is unusual in that the opening is on the left side, whereas most shells have the opening on the right side.

Conchologists are people who collect and study shells, and we have a quarterly magazine and members from all across the country and other countries as well.

This week I’m seeing many beautiful and unusual shells at the annual Conchologists of America convention being held this year in Key West, Florida. I have not been to Key West, although I have been to Florida many times, and I’m excited to be here for a week.

In between tours of the island, programs about all things shells, silent auctions of shell related items, special events,  and parties, I plan to pick up shells on the beach.

I hope that wherever you are, you are enjoying your summer.


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