My Multi-harness Loom

My Multi-harness Loom

It does not seem to be in my nature to start out small when I have an exciting new interest. When I was learning to weave on a floor loom in 1967, I thought I would only have one loom so I got one that had ten harnesses so I could design complex patterns. At that time the weavers I knew had Macomber looms which were made to order so you could choose the width and the number of harnesses you wanted.

Last week my son added a video on my Face Book page which shows one of these looms and the artist is showing the process of threading the loom and preparing to weave on it. You can view it at 

I haven’t used my loom in several years, but I still have it and who knows what I might do in the future. I also have a granddaughter who loves crafts and perhaps she will want to learn weaving when she gets past the thrill of being a teen.

I guess having a hard time letting go of things is normal for the stage of life I’m in.

Do you have hang on to things for s


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