Whatever My Hand Finds to Do

Whatever My Hand Finds to Do

I’ve never been able to settle on doing just one or two creative expressions. I keep changing materials and techniques. So, coming up with a name for this website eluded me until I remembered the phrase, whatever my hand finds to do.

In my parents’ time, someone like me might be called a putterer. I keep telling myself I need to get focused, but I continue to explore what fascinates me at the moment.

I have set up galleries of work I have done over many years in weaving, basketry, mixed media, painting, and collage.

The materials I use include yarn, fabric, leather, cord, beads, paper, paint, ink, pencil, pen, natural materials from my yard like feathers, rusty found objects, sticks, tree shedding’s, junk mail, and estate sale treasures.

In my blog, I plan to write about items already completed–detailing materials, techniques, and the story of why I made that particular item. I’ll mention projects I’m working on from time to time.

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Also, I hope to explore questions about the process of making art on the level of content and meaning.

The stories about my art are now available in an eBook from Amazon titled “Looking for Connection” here