Two Trees

Two Trees

When I lived in Portsmouth, Virginia, we were two blocks away from the Elizabeth River which flows into the James River and then into Chesapeake Bay.

Across the river was City Park where I often took my two young sons. I was fascinated by two trees of different species that had grown together.

At the base of the strong straight tree a weaker tree leans left and a foot or so off the ground has grown into the stronger tree. They grow together for a long time until, way above my head, the smaller tree breaks free and begins to grow away from the supporting trunk. Further up its branches seem to be encircling the companion.

I made a sketch and took some photos.

Two Trees – top section

After moving to California, when I was

looking for subjects for tapestries, I wove

a seven foot long tapestry of these two trees.


It spoke to me of how a person may depend on someone else for stability until they have gained enough strength to reveal them self without needing to be totally separate from their companion.


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