Life seems to be extremely distracting lately. Just keeping up with the disasters in the last two months is almost like a part-time job.

There was Irma slamming into the Keys where I’d been just two weeks earlier.  Puerto Rico was already in dire straits, but the government didn’t want to pay attention to it. Before the Las Vegas carnage was sorted out, Northern California caught fire. I know a couple who live in Santa Rosa, so I’ve been checking their Face Book page for updates daily. They did not get burned out.

In between the disasters we have protests and scandals to distract us further. In the early 1980’s when I was weaving a lot of tapestries, I thought sports had become a huge distraction in our nation. My husband watched all the sports: baseball, football, basketball, golf, car races, and Olympics. It was impossible to find an evening or weekend where we could consider matters of family importance because something was always on TV that he had to watch.

I made a collage-type drawing of sports, movie, and music with a crowd of people watching with their arms raised. I made a weaving and titled it “Looking for Someone to Worship.” It’s not a pretty weaving—not my best work.

Today I would call it “Distractions” because I still believe that sports and Hollywood get way more attention than they should. Personally, I don’t watch TV. This year it’s been on for


the inauguration and to track the hurricane.

I’m not saying that people should not enjoy a game, movie, or concert if they wish to. But do we spend time reading things that challenge our mind set and our goals?

When will we as a nation spend time, money, and energy on things that enhance our communities, our understanding of how our government should work, or finding solutions, that are without corruption, for real problems that never get addressed?

When will we require better results from our leaders? When will we stop supporting these man made distractions?


One thought on “Distractions

  1. Well said. Interesting take.
    Your writing invokes thinking on my part.
    Yes more time needs to be spent on solving the ills of society rather than just reporting it.
    However currently in DC only a problem maker in charge.

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