“In Him All Things Hold Together” Colossians 1:17

“In Him All Things Hold Together” Colossians 1:17

In the early 1980’s I was weaving tapestry and I did a series illustrating verses of scripture that I liked.

“In Him All Things Hold Together”

This one is a double weave with Moorman Tapestry added. Double weave means two layers of fabric being woven at the same time. The weaver can decide to bring some of the bottom layer onto the top to make the design she has in mind. This is a time consuming process, but one that I enjoyed.

The lettering is the bottom layer of fabric woven on top, and the stars and Milky Way are also made with the bottom layer. The hands and the colored nebulae are the tapestry part which floats on top of the black layer.

I remember trying to get one of my sons to hold a ball long enough for me to do a drawing of the hands.

The thread on the loom (warp) for the top layer is black Orlon with black silk for the tapestry tie-down threads. The warp for the under layer is a variegated rayon in pinks and violet. I wove across the warp with black wool on the top layer and the pink rayon on the bottom layer.

Upon seeing this finished piece, one of my best friends told me it would be a perfect gift for her husband, who is a meteorologist, and she wanted to buy it. I couldn’t tell her no!  The tapestry hung in her entrance hall for many years and I got to see it whenever I visited her.

While this isn’t a Christmas tapestry, I think its message is an important reminder for our times. The baby we celebrate at Christmas is the One who holds it all together.

Scripture teaches He has been holding things together since the beginning of creation. When we feel like we will fly apart into a million pieces, He holds us together, whether we believe in Him or not.

And He holds this scary world together today. And He is faithful.

Wishing you a blessed holiday.




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