Ready to Celebrate the 4th

Ready to Celebrate the 4th

The Red, While, and Blue

I have had an American Flag flying on the front of my house since I moved in, in May of 1997.

About three years ago, I saw a class offered that looked like fun, at one of those week-long art workshops that has many classes. I wanted to take that class, but it was at the opposite end of the week from the class I was mainly going for. Too expensive to stay away from home for a whole week. I did print out the photo from the online brochure of the finished product – a flag decorated with ribbons.

That photo joined my long list of “some-day-maybe” projects.

With the sewing machine open and ready last week, I decided it was time to do this project. I had a faded flag in the garage waiting for a second life. It was one of those projects that feels like “where to begin?” The obvious place was to go through my sewing and craft stash, gathering red and white ribbons and lace.

Once I got started it came together quickly. I pinned the ends of ribbons to a wide stiff floral ribbon with the flag underneath to get the spacing correct. Stitching across the ribbon ends was surprisingly easy.

I stitched the whole band onto the flag, and covered it with a gold ribbon across the ends for a finished look.

Ribbon Flag

While sewing, I thought about where I would hang this flag. I considered the front of the garage, but decided that might be a mistake if I wanted to open the garage door.

Sitting on the patio the evening I had finished sewing, I noticed a large section of wall with no window. I can see this wall from inside my studio. Perfect.

I’m ready to Celebrate the Fourth with my best friend, Robert, eating on the patio and watching the neighbors all around us shooting fireworks.

Flag with fountain on patio

Have fun, but be safe and careful. And remember we are celebrating that we the people have a nation – all of it.  And together, we can make it better.


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